Open discussion: Thoughts on "reclaimed characters?"

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As an artist this has happened to me. I wanted to see what people think of this topic? Id love to discuss in a rational way about things!

I personally think that "reclaimed characters" are very redundant and not very productive. Its only distructive really. The artist spends a lot of time on this character only to be ripped by someone and "fixed" because they dont like it.

That sounds like a slap in the face honestly, and its art theft too. I personally dont see why people would defend it

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I personally see it as the same as AUs although obviously done for more spiteful reasons? And idk I've never seen the original versions of reclaimed characters have a whole lotta work put into them. Unless you just mean the drawing itself, but arguably the person reclaiming the character also did a lot of work drawing the reclaimed version.

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